• Fit basic DNI critera

  • Anti-Gacha

  • Unironically dislike straights

  • A NSFW account



  • I am a minor.

  • I can get really snappy, you might've just tried to talk to me at a bad time

  • I talk in all caps a lot, and keysmash a lot at things

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Main Interests

  • Object Shows

  • Splatoon

  • Hermitcraft

  • Danganronpa

  • Animation Memes

Other Interests

  • No Straight Roads

  • Camp Camp

  • Vampair

  • Game Development

  • Roblox

  • Total Drama

Hello!! My name's Kitt and I am an artist who focuses usually on my OCs or AUs!! I also often do fanart for my main interst, Object Shows! I also do enjoy writing and roleplaying as well.
She/Her | Minor | ENFP

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